In Search of a Better World

In Search of a Better World
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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

How did I do

It is now time for an update on the progress of my New Year resolutions. I have tried hard to follow but the report card is just about satisfactory. Let me start with the pluses

I have been working out for about 30 minutes a day nothing very great , a 2 km walk and some stretches…But it is a start for a lazy bones who has usually not even moved for early morning coffee when at home or in a hotel..

On the food front more salads and soups and less fries. The tobacco is less and so is the alcohol. This has made me more hungry, irritable and prone to headaches, arguments and debate. Those around me are not altogether enthused with my resolution to keep my resolution!

Some old friends and colleagues have been contacted and relationships renewed.

On the project front we our new upgraded software was inaugurated on the 20th and we were about 14 hours ahead of Obama, thanks to the time difference!

The areas where I scored a zero are:

No progress on any social endeavour to help or assist anyone whom I do not know which I admit is very bad.

I did not find time for nature, the snow flakes, the people and the culture of Kazakh which is also bad…

There was so much to do in the preparation for our go-live that I forgot what it was to take life slowly and savour each moment. The last two weeks have been a flurry of deadlines and last minute tasks and to do lists, follow ups, issues, frayed tempers, heated arguments and lots of caffeine. This is atrocious. A mad race to a place I do not want to go and plaudits for what I am not proud of doing! I even put is as one of the plusses in an earlier paragraph. Senility and confusion prevail as usual..

There was no reading, very little writing barring status reports and “post its”, no movies and hardly any music barring the ringtones of crank callers who have the knack of finding the most inappropriate time to call even if you have the international roaming tone on, they still want to offer you the best in insurance policies, credit cards and cheap loans. For God’s sake has any one not told them about the credit crunch and the ills of lending to unknown people in unknown lands? Even if I tell them I am in Kazakhstan they still continue their sales pitch!
Next Status Update on resolution progress in a month but hopefully blogs of random musings and rumblings will follow at a minimum of twice a week.

Finally a big thank you to my new buddy Ramesh who has been a constant source of encouragement on the blogosphere. A visit to Sharjah will be on my next year’s list of things to do!

Not a very good report card but since I have very low standards when it comes to myself I declare myself "PASSED".


  1. buddy it's friends like u who motivate me...anway..nice to c good people in visit sharjah when i am still there..god knows this damn credit case of such a thing, will be back in amchi mumbai and chennai riding bicycles...haha bye

  2. A very nice post. I enjoyed reading it.

    As for new year resolutions, I made the same resolution I made last year, and the year before that, and before that.... It was not to make any New Year resolutions.