In Search of a Better World

In Search of a Better World
Soul Searcher

Friday, January 16, 2009


Discussions on this blog have made me hungry. I am going back to a rhyme I wrote myself a long ago after the travails I suffered as an international veggie traveler through the continents including Africa. Most meals around these places are bread, salad and soup. For a pukka veggie foodie like me it is the ultimate sacrifice hence the repeated lapses into fantasy.

The rhyme is a caricature of a lovely song from the Sound of Music which ranks among my all time favourites and I often sing this to myself as I roll over into dreamland and these are the images flash “upon that inward eye which is the bliss of Solitude!"

Piping hot rasam and steaming white rice
And red gravy curries with dashes of spice,
Thick creamy daals with a blob of white butter,
Kabuli chole and paneer aloo mutter

Dry fruits and vegetables in Pulao and Biryani,
Pineapple Raita and a thick Daal Makhani
Kulchaas and Naans and Rotis and Parathas,
Stuffed Masale Bhindi and Kanda with Batatas

Sarson da Saag and makai di roti,
Bisibelehuli and Cauliflower Khichdi
Spices and Saffron and the lovely Aroma
Of Daal Batti Churma and Vegetable Korma,

Carrots and Beans in a coconut stew
Chutneys & pickles and banana chips too
Sweets made of Khoya laced with Anjeer,
And topping them all up with rabdi and kheer!

These are a few of my favourite foods.

When the mood swings,

When I throw things,

When I'm feeling cold
I just remember my favourite foods and then I don't feel so bad


  1. my god, i should not have read yr post..makes me hungry...and confused..what a tempting plate u have there..

  2. ok milk cooker will solve my milk boiling trouble..what abt the mobile buzzing just when i enter the loo??!! hey haha

  3. If everything was destiny what is the purpose of us being around...ya..u have a valid argument there boss...take care..

  4. boss thanks again 4 your morale-boosting comment