In Search of a Better World

In Search of a Better World
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Saturday, July 19, 2014

An American in Hollywood

An American in Hollywood tells the story of the Trials and Tribulations a young band of wannabe’s chasing their Hollywood dream. It tells the story well and you do identify with their troubles and terrors.

What’s good about it- The story telling is great. The plot weaves seamlessly into the “boysie” talk commentary which is told through a stand-up comedy show and a “girlsie” gossip session which provides a cynical commentary on the plot.

The music is awesome and rhymes so unobtrusively into the script that by the time you understand what the songs were telling you and realize how well it was done you are into the next scene.

The cast live parts and that’s all you can ask for.

What could have been better: The editing could have been more raspy and crisp for a movie like this. The dissolves and fade outs did not work for me. The superhero analogy was a good idea as was the voice-over but was a bit overdone.

Final Verdict- The sincerity of the intent and the hard work shows through the lack of money and somewhat tacky look of the film. What shines through is the heart and soul of the film and the unique story telling style. If this is not enough Azur-De provides the “Drool Value”. Go watch it, cheer for the independent movie makers and your dollars would be well spent.

Message- All you wannabes'... Pursue your dream. Even if you do not get as far you dreamed, the journey will be worth it. As the soundtrack says "If you got this far..." Go watch the movie and live the dreams you've hidden in your closets

Way to go V-TwinZ…You ROCK