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In Search of a Better World
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Saturday, June 27, 2009

Those were the days my friend

Long long ago I was tagged by Maradhi Manni to share the music I like. I thought that the best way to return to the blogosphere was to compile a list of my favourites from English Music from the days gone by.

I would start with “Imagine” by John Lennon which delivers a timeless message in the typical Lennon Style.
John Denver had a unique way of delivering country music in a way which really struck a chord with listeners like me and this one though not about the country is a nice love song.
Johnny Cash was another voice I grew up with and the stories and ballads he sang are still with me. Man In Black was one of the more sombre of his ballads and I am including this over the “Boy Named Sue” simply because the content is more universal.
Harry Belafonte had a unique way of singing and for me any song of his was a masterpiece. I am picking this one because it perhaps typifies his singing style.
Another of the legends whose music I grew up with was Bob Dylan who was not only an icon but was also a thought leader. This song became part of the church singing and is as relevant today as it was when Dylan sang it for the first time. This one may take some time to get used to but the lyrics are awesome.
This is another song which I love simply because of the eerie voodoo type music from Santana. This is cover of a Fleetwood Mac song but the guitar here is just too good.
Dean Martin was another of my boyhood heroes a and I loved the way he drooled over his own music.
No compilation can be complete without a Beatles number but I like all of them so much that it is difficult to pick one.
Other groups I really liked were ABBA, OSIBISA, the Carpenters and Led Zeppelin but I am going to give them a miss for Pink Floyd just because this song was such a rage and and it has great lyrics as well as lovely music.
Finally I will end with a beautiful song about a trip down memory lane which is triggered by a restaurant called Trincas in Calcutta which had a pub called the Tavern.

These typify the English Music which I liked and still enjoy. Another day and another time I would do a similar one for Hindi, Tamil and Bengali. Let me know if you liked them.


  1. Excellent choices. Thank you for sharing and a big welcome back to you! I have missed your posts. It is nice to know you are well. :) Peace to you.

  2. I became familiar with English/western music, through my children. They kept/keep on playing them and so familiarity made me appreciate some of them.

    I like Beatles and it is not a surprise. Most of us, Indians are familiar with them and like them.

    John Denver's song: I loved the video and the song. I am hearing it for the first time. Beautiful. I have seen most of the Disney movies, but not this one. Thank you.

    I am familiar with Santana's songs. Though I cannot identify any song. Maybe I liked them because they have got rhythm!

    Dean Martin's song reminded me of a Hindi song! Aaa jaare...aajaaa...laagenaa...mora jiya...! The photographs they show in this song, are beautiful.

    We feel sad when we watch this video of Pink Floyd's song. It is true, that is why.

    The last song is melodious.

    As I said earlier, I am familiar with English songs, but don't play by myself and listen, because, I cannot sing or even hum with them! I need music, when I do household work and like to sing with them!

    Good collection, Soul Searcher. Now, will wait for Hindi and Tamil songs! I have watched some Bengali movies and am sure that I will like Bengali songs too! Thank you.

  3. Wow, lovely list but how can you miss Englebert Humperdinck

  4. This a really strange combination of voices,
    messages, personalities coming from anywhere. To develop taste, in music, gastronomy, art, literature that could attract others for any reason is a work
    of love and vocation.
    I was forced to write to congratulate you for sharing
    that effort with others, even if some of these voices
    are not agreeable to our ears.
    Many times in life one learns to appreciate what is not
    liked because even so, is good, beyond oneself.

  5. I cherish these in my collection always :))
    Thanx for sharing the music :)


  6. I grew up listening to these singers. Great collection. Thanks for all the videos.

  7. I subscribe to your love for Bob Dylan and Johnny Denver. It would be interesting to explain the Western music's passage through India and the influences it has on the locals.